December, the Holiday Break, and January 2007

Wow! I guess putting this off for the last two months kinda left me some catching up to do! A lot has happened since November, and not just the busy TBS stuff either... My lil Sis Bonita is getting hitched, err, I mean married in March. My best bud Dan the Man and my boy Chuck Boyle also asked their lovely ladies to make the journey with them, both "yes's" of course! But enough of the mushy happenings. Here's the rest of 2006 and the start of 2007, all defined by the days of our lives here at good ole (cough, choke...) TBS.

We jumped into some fancy training after the Thanksgiving break. There were a bunch of offensive attacks and ambushes (both day and night), and some fun times riding around in heliocopters. After a much needed weekend, we spent the week in class, did a nine-mile hike, and went looking for little red boxes in the woods while hoping our map and compass were working together. Right before the holiday break we played in the woods for a few more days and I had the pleasure of leading my platoon in a full-scale offensive attack. Good stuff, even though I probably got my thick head shot off... After freezing half to death during our second field exercise (FEX II), I headed up to Annapolis for a buddy's wedding and then spent the next two weeks in PA with the family. Christmas was nice (check the pics on my Family Page), and I had a quiet New Year's with my sister Val and brother Ed. The time off was priceless, and I almost hate to say I was ready to get back and do some Marine stuff again...

Alright, last paragraph. 2007 came at us fast and furious with our third field exercise (FEX III), a live-fire platoon attack (R-11), and riding around in trucks and tracks doing convoy operations. We did machinegun stuff somewhere in there, heck, maybe it was December... Whatever the timeline, we just finished Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and are blazing into WEEK 20! Anyways, take a look-see at the pics!

Where did 2006 go???


CH-53 Sea Stallion

Coming to pick us up

Inside the CH-53

Out for a hike

You never close your eyes...

Great wedding!

Ready for the field...

Snoopin an poopin

Gotta love the safety glasses

Going to shoot the big guns

Yeah, she was awake

Brad and the M2 .50cal

The .50cal in action

MK-19 40mm Grenade Launcher

M240G 7.62mm machinegun

All is calm...

Say hello to my lil friend


This is my serious face...

But we like to have fun too

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

And finally Convoy Ops

In Trucks, Tracks, and HMMWVs

Fun, but oh was it cold!

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