Edward Dervin and Bonita Joy (December 2006)

Here is the oldest brother and youngest sister in the family. Ed (b. Jun 29, 1969) was born second of seven and lives in Manheim with his son Keon (Dec 6, 1998). He's a Chief Engineer with Sting Communications and also runs a chop shop, a kitchen remodeling hobby, and knows most everything there is to know about computers and suped-up X-Box thingamagings. Bonita (b. Dec 17, 1982), born seven of seven, also lives in Manheim and has a little rugrat of a son, Cole Tyler (Sep 26, 2000). She's about to get married to a good guy named Nate. Congrats Sis!

Ed and Keon
Bonita and her boyfriend Nate
Ed handing out the gifts
Me and Cole Tyler