Jonathan Clair and Philip Anthony

Jon and Phil are the two youngest brothers in the family. Jon (b. Feb 20, 1978), born five of seven, is a Marine currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, doing utilities work and scuba diving (click here for pics of him in Iraq). I'm pretty sure Jon is still as single as I am, but neither of us would kick a good-lookin lady out of bed for eatin crackers... Phil (b. Jan 9, 1981) was born sixth and lives up near Leesport. He's dating a sweet little princess named Sharon. Check out the thumbnails below and click on any of them for a bigger pic!

LCpl Jon the Mon

me an Jon

Jon and me again

an another one!

me and Jon in Hawaii

yeah, that's Jon!

Phil and Ms. Sharon

Sharon in a big red bow!