July - August 2006

Our first week, Zero Week, consisted of a bunch of administrative chaos and "quality spread" B.S. that had most of us at each other's throats. Hours upon hours of our time withered away doing what we refered to as "standing by" while our student leadership (there's an oxymoron) tried to figure out how to equally spread out Marines who were prior enlisted, Naval Academy grads, different races, etc. throughout the six platoons in our company. Thankfully I got roomied up with a cool stud from the Academy, Kevin Baltisberger. We have a lot in common and it helps to make this place less crazy.

The next few weeks were spent doing physical training (PT), the gas chamber (cs - riot control gas), and a bunch of administrative classes such as uniform regulations, military law, First Aid, and other required training. The "standing by" was reduced slightly, but the days stayed fairly long. We jumped right into the rifle and pistol ranges in early August, and holy moses, our days started around 4:00am and ended well after 8:00pm. I won't even get into how we had to hike the 2.5 miles to the range with way to much gear on our backs! If that wasn't bad enough, here's a little run-down on some unheard of events that our company fell into...

Tue, 8 Aug - I was pulling targets on Range 2, and during our prep time (we weren't firing), I get hit in the boot with a 7.62 round that richocheted over from Range 1!
Wed, 9 Aug - Another Lt gets hit in the back of the head with a 7.62 round from Range 1 while fixing targets on Range 2. He is fine after a few staples from the hospital.
Thu, 10 Aug - This is a good one... Female Lt shoots her M16 inside a field classroom after being "cleared" off the range by the coaches. Luckily, the round goes straight through the roof and no one is hurt.

So now that you're all worried and stuff, don't worry. It was a freak week that no one I know of has ever had happen before. It's over, no one was seriously injured, and we are all back and ready for Land Navigation. I think. Land Nav is just a bunch of us Lts out walking around in the woods with a map, compass, and protractor looking for metal boxes. I'll get more on that later. Here's some pics...

The first few weeks...
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The Gas Chamber

Coming out all gassed up

The Platoon recovering

Matt wants more

Mandie's thoughts on the whole thing

Me, Mandie, and Haley

The rifle range at 200 yards

back to 500 yards

Mandy and Mandie

got my Expert Badges

even with a bad foot!

but that healed to!

Haley and Mandie throwing down

fixing my face?

Martial Arts Program

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