March and TBS Graduation 2007

It's March baby! Yeah! TBS is finally in its death throes and I am ready to get the heck out of Quantico. We took our last graded event, the final physical fitness test (PFT), on 1 March, and I did pretty decent with a 293 out of 300 possible... not too bad for an old guy right? Haha, anyways, these past couple weeks have pretty much been busy stuff. We turned in our M16-A2 rifles, all of our field gear, and did our final evaluations of each other. They call them "spear-evals" because you have to rank everyone you work with from #1 to last. It wouldn't be so bad, but everyone here is pretty awesome, and it's tough to put a good guy or gal at the bottom. Oh, plus you get to write a little paragraph and assign a word to everyone, and sometimes it gets pretty mean.

February's page said all the blah blah about me heading to Cali, so here is some stuff to wrap up TBS. I threw in a few pics of our tour to the Battle of Fredricksburg, and we also had a chance to hit up the Marine Corps Museum. Check them both out if you're ever in the area... I'm gonna throw in a page a little later on with some of the work I did here at TBS and examples of all kinds of crap that should help anyone who wants to waste away here for six months, so stay tuned... Other than that, I'm heading to SC around 23-24 March for some more good times, and then it's out to Cali by 2 April. Hasta la vista baby!

The last few weeks!


Platoon pic at MOUT

Hangin out with Bernard

Then i had to put him down...

Some info on the Battle

The view...

A Confederate cannon

Our guide, Frank A O'Reilly

The North almost won here...

Hangin with Webber

The Museum is HUGE

The view inside

Most are full-size

Original pic at Iwo Jima

The actual flag too

Korea in 1950ish

A tank from Vietnam

Danger-close shooting!

Medal of Honor & Victoria Cross

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