September - November 2006

Well, September and October kind of went by pretty quick. I put off updating this site, but some of the big events involved me leaving Echo Company, spending a month in Mike Company, then picking up with Fox Company. It turned out to be a pretty good experience because I met some great Marines and built a few more good friendships. I traveled up to PA a bunch for some bowhunting with my brothers, hit up good old Columbia, SC for some good times with the boys, partied a bit in D.C. and Fredricksburg, had a great time at the Marine Corps Birthday Ball down in Richmond, VA, and spent Turkey day back up in PA with the family. Here's a bunch of pictures that tell the story much better than I can...

Here we go...
(Click on a picture for more information)


Navy/USMC ball in SC

Brooke and Nathan looking great

Hangin with Heather

Halloween with TJ!

and Penny as Wonder Woman

Penny and the Bee

TJ sweet-talkin the police

headin home...

USMC Ball with Kelly an TJ!

Havin a few with Penny and Dan

later that nite...

Kevin workin the magic

probably near closing time...

out trainin with Fox

Shooting the big guns

155mm Artillery - M198 God's gun

Turkey day - Carla and Val

and Jon back from Iraq

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